How it all started

About Nikki


Well where to start?? I guess the night-lights since they’ve been around the longest. My mother Christa started the business back in the early 80’s by making lampshades with pressed flowers and grasses. I often helped out at shows and it was a natural progression for me to continue the business on the West coast when I moved there in '89. I chose to focus more on night-lights and found my portfolio of styles to be steadily growing.

I added several of my own night light styles using handmade papers, decorative images and my newest line, the "Create your own" night light. Print any image and simply slide it in to the night light frame. It's great fun using your creativity and imagination. 

As a Flight Attendant, ( My full time job after being a Mom) I'm able to  find cool new things around the world. I fell in love with some earrings I found in Germany. I received so many compliments on them, I thought, I can make these and I did. I've added a few styles since then and created my own 'Tiffany inspired' bracelets.They are all made from sterling silver and gold filled balls and are very similair to the famous bracelets at a fraction of the price.

Life gets busy as a Mom, a Flight attendant and running home based business but I wouldn't change a thing.

I stand behind all my creations....Satisfaction guaranteed!